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About Us
About Us

International Achievers Conference (IAC) concentrates on the theme "how the successful Achievers can help the social & economic infrastructural development in and around the country." It will provide examples of social entrepreneurs and successful models of the society and corporate sector partnership. IAC is the amalgamation of economic, political, business, professional and other leaders of the Indian community which defines and discusses the key issues of Indian economic agenda.

Since India is among the world's largest democracy and the fifth largest economic power. There are more than 1600 languages and dialects spoken by a population of over one billion. The opportunities and conditions for growth in India requires a commitment by various national and international organisations to praise the achievements of the private sector and development of the human capital. International Achievers Conference (IAC) is one such foundation engaged in sharing opinions, ideas, knowledge and strategic know-how on the key issues of economic progress.

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Photos of Summit

H.E. Khun Korn Dabbaransi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand  inaugurated the lamp at the 10th International Achievers Summit- Bangkok, (Thailand)

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    Promotes and encourages commendable achievements from all over the country. The Forum regularly organises national and international level seminars with the help of its members to promote socially responsible business practice and sustainable development in economic as well as social front in India.

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